Wallpaper Petir

Team PETIR have open registration for all Binusian who wish to learn more about hacking or cyber security in general and wish to join our team.

The qualification will be a Jeopardy CTF competition where the registrar will compete against each other in collecting the most points by completing the challenges.

The categories are:

  • Binary Exploitation / Pwn
  • Web Exploitation
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Digital Forensic
  • Cryptography
  • Programming

The competition will start at January 1st 2018 until January 14th 2018. The rules will be posted at this URL: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/d934b41cf0e1c96a8fb55fd2d08defa5

For more information, you can ask the contacts given below. Note that you MUST READ EVERYTHING FIRST BEFORE ASKING QUESTIONS.

  • Jon Line: random_crucifix
  • Abdillah Line: hasnydes

This competition is open for BINUSIAN ONLY. Please use your Binusian email for registration. We will not accept any other email than the ones that end with @binus.ac.id.

Good luck, and prepare yourself