CTFs.me Need Your Support To Keep Alive


CTFs.me is currently celebrating 4 years of providing free, Learning Infosec to the world. We have a lot to be grateful for and many p...   »

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How to prevent chrome force http to https on chall.ctfs.me

When Google Chrome keeps redirecting you from http://chall.ctfs.me to https://chall.ctfs.me, do the following:

  1. Open this [chrome://net-internals/#hsts](chrome://net...   »

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CTFS.ME Now Available on Wechall.net

CTFS.ME On Wechall

We're excited to announce, now CTFS.ME Is available on wechall \o/!

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Open Registration Team Petir!

Wallpaper Petir

Team PETIR have open registration for all Binusian who wish to learn more about hacking or cyber security...   »

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CTFS.ME V2 Open Beta !


Demi memberikan wadah untuk para CTF Player terutama untuk CTF Player dari indonesia kami mengembangkan platform CTFS...   »

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